My Projects

The software I have developed yet

App Search

Java, Android, UI Design

AppSearch is a really small Android app, which is available in the Google Play app store.
With AppSearch one can search and launch installed apps by their name and definable tags, due to a lack of such a search functionality in several Android derivations. The definable tags can contain alternative app names and abbrevations ('fb' for the Facebook app) or categories ('news' for any news related app). Users can access the app by using the home button (instead of Google Now).

Community DJ

Python, HTTP, MQTT

I started the development of CommunityDJ to get in touch with python, but the ideas evolved really fast and CDJ is now (especially considering the side projects for required client software) one of my biggest projects.
CommunityDJ is a collaborative music player service for local networks. Multiple users can use different client software to add songs from various sources (a predefined list, the users own device or Youtube) to a communal playlist, so each participant gets the same amount of time for his favorite music.

CDJ for Android

Java, Android, HTTP, MQTT, UI Design

CDJ for Android is the primary CommunityDJ client application. While I already gained some experience in developing Android apps before, CDJ for Android was my first app designed for the common smartphone user and also the my first app to appear in the Google Play app store.
All CommunityDJ features are supported by CDJ for Android, as well as an integrated YouTube search function.

CDJ for Windows

C#, .NET, HTTP, MQTT, UI Design

CDJ for Windows is an additional CommunityDJ client application. First of all, I created the Windows client only for testing purposes, but later on I changed my mind and implemented an entire client to allow a simple use as regular media player from multiple sources.
CDJ for Windows provides any CommunityDJ feature and integrates the YouTube search, too. Additionally, one can send requests out of YouTube links and audio files in the clipboard.

Smart Automation Lab Storage

C#, .NET, OPC, UI Design

The Smart Automation Lab (SAL) is an application example for Industry 4.0 concepts at the Laboratory for Machine Tools and Production Engineering (WZL) of the RWTH Aachen. In a project work (bachelor thesis scope) my colleagues Thomas Küpper and Philipp Legran reworked the storage cell of this demonstration factory together with me.
The new implementation is constructed in a modular way fitting the principles of the automation pyramid (SCADA, HMI, PLC) and involves the customer directly into the production process.

Eco Heat

Java, Android, UI Design

Eco Heat is our winning project at the RWTH entrepreneurship hackathon in spring 2016, sponsored by Viessmann, DSA, Tamyca and Kiron. Philipp Legran, Lennart Moltrecht, Eugen Salzmann and I founded a team to compete in the Viessmann track about smart heating.
First, we used the heating data provided by Viessmann to create a model in MATLAB, which we used to predict the future energy consumption and costs in our Android app. Additionally, the app provides multiple adjustment possibilities, heating statistics and a simulated gamification approach, to give the user a ranking on his saved energy.


Java, Android, UI Design

AixCruise is an android app with backend, created for the largest automotive themed hackathon in Germany, the Volkswagen codeFEST8. Within 27 hours, our team, consisting of my colleagues Alexander Devaykin, Thorsten Kohn, Kevin Leonardic and me, could implement any automotive related idea which came up to our mind.
We combined the gamification approch from famous apps like Runtastic with the massive amount of data created while driving a car. Finally, our app could visualize and evaluate different aspects of prerecorded trips in a data structure involving trips, achievements and friends with their respective trips and achievements.

Energy Mix

Java, Android, UI Design

Energy Mix is another small android app resulting from a hackathon I entered with two friends (Lukas Becker and Lennart Moltrecht) in November 2015, hosted by the RWTH Aachen entrepreneurship and sponsored by RWE and Zalando. In 16 1/2 hours, we should develop an app combining the users battery data and data containing the current energy mix by production type in the german electricity grid.
As a result, the app can record and show the battery level and state (loading or not) and can visualize the current energy mix in different charts. We encountered some problems, so we did not have enough time to combine those data sources.