About me

Hello world, my name is Lukas and I am a student from Aachen, Germany. I study Computational Engineering Science (CES), a bachelor degree course combining engineering, computer science and mathematics, at the RWTH Aachen university.

In my free time I like to develop software in a variety of programming languages (C#, Java, C++, Python) and I created this website to showcase my projects.

My interests

The technologies and fields of research I like

Desktop apps

WPF, QT and Co.

Starting with VB as a hobby in school, by now .NET and WPF are my core technologies used at my job as a research assistant and in private projects.

Industry 4.0 and IOT

OPC, MQTT and Co.

To watch machines or robots move thanks to the code I wrote, is still the highest motivation for me, so I really like automation and control projects.

Mobile apps

Android programming

Mobile devices offer immense opportunities for young developers like me to implement our ideas in apps. Therefore, I used Android several times.

Data analysis and visualization

with various toolkits

Particularly in times where massive amounts of data are recorded, understanding the truth behind them fascinates me a lot.

My main projects

The projects I work on the most at the moment

Contact me

if you are interested in my projects